Television Writing


Alessandra Bautze's television writing projects represent a diversity of genres--from the family drama to the police procedural. 



(One-Hour Pilot)


Logline: COLOR OF LAW is one-hour drama about the FBI Civil Rights Squad, which investigates contemporary hate crimes, “color of law” abuses by public officials, and crimes against society’s most vulnerable (such as prostitutes, victims of human trafficking, individuals abused by police, etc.). The squad also investigates historical murders from the Civil Rights era in accordance with the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act of 2007. A historian and an FBI agent, both haunted by their respective pasts, team up in the Atlanta Field Office to help solve these cases, coming face to face with the FBI's historical complicity in Civil Rights-era crimes in the process. 


Finalist (Top 15 out of 200 entries), The Breakk Screenplay Contest 2018



(One-hour Pilot)


Logline: JUVENILE JUSTICE is a one-hour drama about the personal and professional lives of a group of public defenders working in the Los Angeles juvenile court system, where they work with a heavy caseload of marginalized children caught up in a broken system. The themes of the show include redemption, wrestling with one’s past and one’s future, identity, injustice versus justice, and the question of what we owe America’s most vulnerable children.


Finalist (Top 15 out of 200 entries), The Breakk Screenplay Contest 2018


THE FOSTERS, "Looking Back, Looking Forward" 


(One-Hour Spec)




Spec script of the ABC Family/Freeform hit drama THE FOSTERS


Logline: In an effort to impress her probation officer, Callie becomes determined to qualify for a citywide photography prize, but her frenetic dedication to her art could actually threaten to derail her plans. Meanwhile, everyone, especially Lena, feels the stress of Career Week at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. Although her life is no longer about day-to-day survival, Callie struggles to think about her long-term goals, but Lena helps her take an important step forward. Stef puts her career on the line to protect one of her children.




Official Finalist, Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest 2015


Finalist, 2015 Spec Scriptacular


Quarterfinalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition


Quarterfinalist, 2015 Aura Screenwriter Awards (Existing Series TV Specs) 


Honorable Mention, Acclaim Scripts Spring/Summer 2015 (TV Spec Category)